Arena of Valor Mid Lane Guide

As the Mid laner, you have one of the most difficult roles in the game. Your entire team depends on your performance. It is a 1v1 matchup and as the current meta stands you should mostly pick some sort of a playmaking Mage, even though when choosing a mid hero you can pick pretty much anything that works in the Top lane as well, like The Flash, Tulen, Liliana and more situational picks Raz, Lauriel, Preyta. This is usually a very skill dependent lane, so kills rarely happen.

Considering mages are the most played heroes in the Mid lane, be wary of their burst potential. When you notice you are low on HP, it is better to retreat and miss a few creeps than give up a kill. As a mid player, you are the one controlling the pace of the game later on and you need to be a high threat, so focus mostly on not dying. Prioritize not dying over getting kills. You want to spam creep waves with your abilities and free up time to do something else. As I said, you don’t have to go for trades with the enemy unless you have an advantage (gold advantage or Ranged vs Melee matchup). After clearing a creep wave you will have a few choices regarding what to do. If you see your jungler invading you definitely want to join in on that as a numbers advantage is pretty crucial and crippling the enemy jungler while boosting your gives your team a HUGE advantage. If you see your jungler ganking then you have 2 choices: you can help the lane that is about to get ganked and prevent a devastating outcome for your team. However, if you know the enemy jungler’s position and see your own ganking go for the other lane (the one your jungler is not ganking) and try to score a kill. By doing this you put pressure on both sides of the map and you gain control of the pace of the game. Always keep returning to your lane to pick up farm, as you don’t need much time for that. For items you mostly want damage, but it depends on the hero scaling and the threat of the opposing laner. If the enemy team is heavily focused on early game aggression it might not be bad to build defensively early. Otherwise, just go for damage and try to get as much CDR as you can. Now I will talk about heroes, play style, and techniques you should use to achieve victory.


The Flash

With The Flash you’ll definitely want to rush Phoenix Tear into the Orb of the Magi early. It provides you with most of the things you need. Phoenix Tear gives you the early game healing you desperately need, as most matchups for you will be versus a ranged hero. You need that healing on level up to be able to stay in lane longer, and orb of the magi is crucial for the same reason plus one more – late game scaling. You need to scale into the late game. The Flash already excels at it but you still need a good start for you to reach end game items faster than the others. As for the matchups, you will mostly be laning against ranged opponents so be ready to get harassed. The key here is not to go for trades when your passive is on CD, never stay idle, constantly keep stacking your passive, then go with the 1st ability-> normal attack ->2nd ability-> 1st ability and you should win most of the trades. The rest of the game is you being constantly on the map and being a constant threat and a good laning phase will provide that.



Similar to The Flash’s start, you want Phoenix tear into the Orb of the Magi as fast as you can for it to start upgrading as early as possible. However, the playstyle will be a little bit different. You can be much more aggressive early on as your kill potential is much higher early then The Flash’s since Tulen has better single target damage. When playing with Tulen, you need to play a bit riskier, as getting into the enemy’s face gives you more passive charges and you more damage overall when you hit them with your 1st and 2nd ability more than once. Always keep your eyes open for the enemy jungler as you are an easy mark when you go all in to harras. With Tulen you want to gank a lot more than to counter gank, you want to be the one attracting attention and making your enemies respond to you, not to be the one responding so try to lead the game. The best combo would be to use your 2nd ability to get close, then your 1st to proc your passive, 2nd ability to go out and ultimate for the kill. Later on, you really shouldn’t be too aggressive. Get your items and poke, engage and disengage, don’t go too hard for kills as getting too aggressive can easily put you out of position. Put more focus on dealing as much damage as you can.


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While The Flash is great at initiating and Tulen has great kill potential, Liliana is awesome at harassing early and as the game goes on she drastically improves in other areas. Early on, you want to harras and trade as much as you can, your 1st ability is instant cast so hitting enemy heroes is no problem and as it slows it gives you a solid opportunity to land your 2nd ability. Just repeat the process until you drive your enemy nuts. After level 4 just include your other form abilities into the rotation. It would be best if you can start in fox form and then disengage and use human form abilities but that depends on the situation. With Liliana you want to be the star of the show as you are a complete hero: you can push, harras, finish off enemies, take objectives. Whatever your team needs, you provide. So you need to take risks and try to outscale everyone in the game. You should out-harras your enemy and rotate when you make him recall, use numbers to your advantage on any lane and you can always transition into an objective for even more advantage. As far as items go, building Orb of the Magi is pretty much always the best pick early on as it gives early sustain, tankiness, and late game damage. The boots should depend on your Lane matchup and your 3rd item could be defensive if you are getting pressured a lot (something like Frost Cape) but you should go for more damage as that can also persuade enemies to go too hard on you.



With Raz situation is a little bit different, being melee puts you in a tough spot early on. Unlike The Flash, you don’t have a shield or a good disengage skill so you are going to have to practice on how to use your passive real hard. Your start is kind of tough so you are gonna have to play slowly until you hit level 4. There are some plays you can make early but it mostly allows you to harras a bit and nothing more. Keep your distance and use your 1st ability all the time and if your enemy misses a skillshot or puts himself in a vulnerable position go for some more harras. You are also going to want to ask for an early gank to put you ahead since you are pretty scary when given space. Don’t try to rotate early mostly focus on getting your levels and items up, getting a close jungle creep is a good bounty for you. As for objectives you want to follow up on them but don’t want to provoke them yourself. For early items you want the standard Phoenix Tear rush into Orb of The Magi, boots are mostly dependant on the amount of CC enemy has, if they have some strong control Gilded Greaves are definitely your choice after that focus on damage mostly as you need to be your team’s late game strength.


Preyta is unlike other mid mages. His main strengths are lane control and zoning. The best way to poke with Preyta is to start channeling your 1st ability and once you fire it, push your enemy into it with your 2nd ability. Preyta doesn’t really excel at ganking or leaving his lane. Instead, he can make his opponents pay for doing so. Focus on farming and securing objectives since you are so great with that. Just channeling your 1st ability into the enemies direction can scare them and make then retreat. The item build is pretty standard as for other mid laners. Orb of the Magi is almost always the best choice. The thing about Preyta is that you can go full damage since you are dead either way when you get caught.

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