Arena Of Valor Ranked Guide: Tips For Getting Gold

After weeks of grinding, screaming at teammates and trading my sanity for ELO, I’ve finally managed to hit Gold in Arena Of Valor . I’m an “adept” MOBA player with more years of League Of Legends play under my belt than I’d like to admit and I’ve been up and down the Rift more times than all your toxic Bronze allies who scream about how everyone but them is a noob. Over these years, I’ve managed to pull together a few must-know tips in order to really excel at MOBAs.

Here are my most important tips for players looking to break through the Bronze and Silver grind and get yourself that Ascended Zalis skin.

Teamwork!- The single most important piece of information I can offer the struggling MOBA player is to work with your teammates. Unlike single-player experiences, MOBAs heavily on teammate interaction to win games. If you are playing as Arthur and you keep diving the enemy back line without help from anyone, you’ll just end up dying without gaining anything in return.

Trades- Arena of Valor relies heavily on trading: are you getting more out of this than your opponent is? If you have a skirmish on the bot lane and you manage to kill two people while you only lost one, that’s a small win. But, if you leave lane and the enemy manages to take your tower while your dick was in your hands, then you’ve lost your momentum. To know when to fight and when to back away is a skill that comes with practice and it doesn’t help that AOV has an absolutely abysmal system for team communication.

Don’t Use Chat- In order to communicate with an ally anything besides “Rally” or “Retreat,” you have to open up a seperate window, wait for your keyboard to load and hopefully write everything legible. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a message misconstrued or destroyed by autocorrect, wasting valuable time I could have spent farming or grouping with allies. Most of the time, it’s best not to interact with your teammates, since it’s most likely just to flame or yell at them. Remember, you can’t win if you aren’t playing.

Arcana- The most complicated part of Arena Of Valor has to be its Aracana system. Similar to League Of Legends Runes before the Preseason, these tiny buffs give your hero a better fighting chance. Don’t bother buying tier one or two Aracana—, spend your time to building up a reasonably strong page of tier threes. Though some reccomend holding off on ranked until you have a full page ready, everyone in Arena Of Valor’s NA server is so new that it won’t really matter. If you do want the best chance possible, use this guide to find the best Arcana for your mains.

Pick One Champion A Role- Spend as much time mastering one champion for each role, that way you aren’t screwed when you inevitably have to Jungle.

It’s A Game, Have Fun- When playing MOBAs with feeders and morons, you sometimes forget that this is supposed to be fun. If you’re on a two game losing streak, put down your phone and do anything else. Your sanity (and rank) will thank me.

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