Road to AIC and Other Fall 2019 Esports Events

AoV Esports in the Second Half of 2019

It’s only been a month since the end of the 2019 AWC, but things are already gearing up for the 2019 Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC). While no official announcement has been made as to the specifics of the event (the 2018 AIC took place in late November and December), regional events billed as qualifiers for the AIC have been announced or already begun.

Though I searched the ‘net for as many official esports events as I could find, it’s possible that this list is incomplete. If you know of any announced or ongoing tournaments that you’d like to see listed, please leave a comment below or contact me via Twitter or Facebook. In addition, the Arena of Valor Liquipedia page – up-to-date until recently, but untouched since the AWC – needs a bit of help if you’re inclined to volunteer some of your time.

RoV Pro League Season 4

RoV Pro League Season 4 Banner

The league with the largest prize pool returned earlier this week, boasting what appears to be the same gargantuan 9,000,000 Baht (~$290,000 USD) prize pool from season 3. Participating are AHQ EsportsBAZAAR GamingMEGA EsportsKOG Diamond CobraTalonWorkpoint Fighting FishBuriram United, and EVOS Debut. Though I’m currently unable to determine if it’s an AIC qualifier, the length of the event and past history suggests it is.

Teams will undergo a double round robin regular season consisting of best-of-5 matches in the Global Pick Ban format. The top four teams will advance to the championship rounds.

Of the original 2018 AWC champion Korea roster that joined the RPL in its third season, only Hak and Rush remain (still with AHQ). MeMarkz and Cherie, part of the 2018 AWC finalist Thai roster as well as the season 3 Buriram squad that dominated the regular season, are no longer in the RPL. So while KOG Diamond Cobra are the defending champions, it’s likely 2019 AWC wild cards AHQ Esports that are the favorites.

The RPL can be watched on the official Garena RoV Thailand YouTube channel. There doesn’t appear to be an official website containing information about the event, though the Garena RoV Thailand Facebook page regularly updates with information on the RPL, including the full regular season schedule.

Garena Challenger Series

2019 GCS Summer Banner

Arena of Valor’s signature league is back with the 2019 GCS Summer Championship. The prize pool (3,500,000 NT$ (~$114,000 USD)) and teams participating (MAD Team (MAD), ONE Team (ONE), TONGXIN (TXO), Nova MS Esports Team (NVM), Flash Wolves (FW), Hong Kong Attitude (HKA), and Still Moving Under Gunfire (SMG)) remain the same as in the spring. The winner will qualify for the AIC, with a separate qualification to be announced later if Taiwan is granted a second team.

While they lost an opportunity at the 2019 AWC to be crowned the best AoV team ever, MAD Team still go into the season as heavy favorites. Fan favorites TXO are likely to put up the best challenge, despite losing the AWC wild card bid to ONE Team in the qualifiers.

Like the RPL, the GCS will have a double round robin regular season with best-of-5s operating under the Global Pick Ban system. The standings are based on matches won rather than games won.

You can catch the GCS on the Garena Taiwan 傳說對決 YouTube channel.

Arena of Glory Winter 2019

After winning the 2019 AWC, Vietnam may lay claim to the most competitive region in the world. Viewers have certainly taken notice, as AOG Winter 2019 has boasted massive numbers so far – consistently above 50,000 concurrent and in the millions overall on the Garena Liên Quân Mobile YouTube channel.

Somehow already seven rounds in, the AOG features eight teams: Team Flash, ZD Esports (Box Gaming rename), Adonis Esports, Swing Phantom, FAPtv, OverClockers, HTVC IGP Gaming and VEC In The Dark. The total prize pool for the event is 2,000,000,000 VND (~$86,000 USD) and consists of the same best-of-5, Global BP rules, though teams are awarded points for games won, not series.

The winner of AOG Winter 2019 will appear in the 30th Southeast Asian Games. It is unclear if the winner will also appear in the 2019 AIC, though there may be a scheduling conflict as the esports portion of the SEA games takes place December 5-10Update: It appears that the qualifier for the SEA games is being held mid-season between the top-four teams as of the end of week 7. That would suggest that AOG Winter is indeed an AIC qualifier.

The AOG Winter 2019 schedule can be found here.

ESL MSP Championship

See here.

AoV Star League

Season 3 of the ASL concluded September 14 after resuming following a hiatus for the 2019 AWC. According to Garena’s joint 2019 AIC announcement, it’s implied that the winner will officially advance as Indonesia’s representative to the AIC. The total prize pool was roughly equivalent to $72,000 USD.

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